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“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson


One of the strongest influences in my work is my deep connection to nature.  I paint our inter-connectedness with nature, also the relationship of different elements such as trees and sky, or stones and water. In my Bon Air, Virginia studio, surrounded by woods, I continue a painting practice that began in the 1970’s. My work is a dialogue between me and my environment, where the viewer is taken in by a peaceful and organic surround, where the spirit recognizes that everything is sacred.


Most of my work uses water-based paints such as acrylics, latex, and theatrical scene paints, because my techniques involve some freedom with water and many steps of thin layers. Having spent 39 years as a theatrical set designer and scenic artist, I sometimes work with the panel down flat on the floor so I can work wet, and I both spatter and drip the paint.


Because I like to see the evidence of a human hand in the work, I also generally include drawing in my paintings, with graphite or charcoal or pastels; I like how the details reveal textures that you do not at first see from a distance. My process involves observing, sketching and “gathering the light,” as I call it, to create the imagery that is neither realistic or abstracted.


I believe there is magic to be felt and seen, and I stimulate the viewer to experience that magic.

Terrie Powers

Visit Terrie's portfolio website to learn more about her process:



+1 804 513 1805  |  terriepowersart @ gmail . com

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